For your free estimate, simply give us a call and we will schedule a date and time when we can come out and look at your tree(s).
We offer: take downs leaving all debris; take downs, chipping brush and leaving wood; or full clean up: take downs, removing all debris.
We also offer: emergency service and storm damage clean up.
In the winter months, we also offer roof shoveling. Call us for a free quote.

As stated on our contract:
PAYMENT – Payment in full is required upon completion of the job. This estimate serves as your invoice. You will not be sent a separate invoice in the mail. A partial payment may be required. Stumps and/or additional work quoted as an additional price may be considered a separate job. In some cases, payment in full is required for the completed work before the “additional” work shall begin. Any checks returned by the bank will be subject to a $35.00 handling fee. Accounts over 30 days past due will be assessed a fee of 18% APR interest. We accept cash or a check.
We do not accept credit cards.
EMERGENCY SERVICE – The home-owner assumes full financial responsibility for all work performed should the claim be denied by an insurance company. By signing below, I allow my insurance company to DIRECT PAY: TURMEL TREE SERVICE, mailed to the address on the front. Should the insurance company, in error, mail payment to the homeowner, the homeowner is responsible to immediately send payment to TTS and is to be the first bill paid for all emergency services performed on the claim.
PROPERTY LINE/WETLANDS – It is the property owner’s responsibility to obtain permission to cut any tree that is located on or near the property line or wetlands. The property owner assumes full legal and financial responsibility and does not hold Turmel Tree Service, its employees, or any sub-contractors hired by TTS, liable for any trees cut within these areas.
LAWN/PROPERTY DISRUPTION – It is expressly understood that some lawn/ground disruption may occur during tree removal or pruning. I do not hold Turmel Tree Service, its employees, or any sub-contractor hired by TTS responsible.
WEATHER – It is expressly understood that poor weather conditions may cause some delays.
RIGHT TO RE-EVALUATE – We reserve the right to re-evaluate any job not agreed upon within 30 days of the written estimate. We also reserve the right to re-evaluate any job proposal where landscape has changed since the written estimate (pools, lawns, pavement, additions, access, etc.).
CUT TO GROUND LEVEL – Is defined as cutting the tree trunk as close to the ground (may be ½ inch or higher) without hitting any soil, rock or hardware within the tree.
Our Services:
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